WAREHOUSE 109 is lucky enough to have an in-house fire-starting enthusiast, Craig.  He has a very specific approach that he stands behind with confidence.  It has something to do with the angle at which the logs are resting from the start.  Once ignited he is proud to tend to the FARR with the utmost attention.   If you are lucky enough to have a CRAIG fire, you will not be disappointed. 

The basic components of a great "farr"


Step One:  Hand Pick the perfect components

Craig spends time sifting through the stock pile of cut wood to find the perfect pieces to create a solid base.  The logs must be dry, similar lengths, and not too thick for the initial burn.


Step Two: Place the Base.

This important step is literally at the base of it all.  Kindling, paper crumbles, and other flamable matter helps to establish a good hot fire.


Step Three: The Teepee.

This is Craig's most powerful tool, in creating a great burning fire.  The Teepee allows the airflow to move through the logs just right, while also protecting the small beginnings of the flames from any wind or outside elements.


Step Four: Enjoy!


The last and final step is one that is meant to last the rest of the evening - tend to and enjoy your fire creation!  

Please note:  Cigarette butts are not helpful or appreciated in the fire building community.  Please dispose of properly.


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Keep an eye on his masterpieces in real time on Instagram @warehouse109 #craigonfarr