You’ve got vision, you’ve got quality, you’ve got grit –

now, to unearth your authentic voice…

At our GET NOTICED transformative women’s workshop our exclusive panel of brand-crafting masters will teach you to do just that. These inspirational women have fumbled, faltered and fallen during their journeys to excavate their own authenticity and forge their own high profile personal brands.

Now they’re willing to share those hard-fought lessons with you. 

No, they’re not just going to stand on the stage and reminisce.  They’re going to pull up a chair, roll up their sleeves and work you til you’re brimming with fresh ideas and vibrating with authentic voice.  

Who will be leading this journey to authenticity? 

Marketing disruptor Tania Haigh will moderate our workshop with her customary flair and stunning track record in the women’s empowerment space.  Tania is an organizer for the Chicagoland TEDxWomen events, where she highlights the progressive footprint that women are bringing to professional worlds in every industry.

Speaking through her own professional experience taking the leap from her marketing career at McDonald's USA to becoming an entrepreneur, Tania has led her peers to advance as women in the professional world while shaping their own unique paths. 

Tania will be moderating panel discussions and interactive workshops designed to guide attendees into discovering the next steps for advancing their own professional development.  Hear the stories of how women were able to unearth their own authentic voice to get noticed and then become leaders in their industry. Then, let us arm you with the tools for success in leveraging your own authenticity. 

Whether you are on the track to a new career, want to start your own business or simply aiming to reinvent your personal brand, this workshop is a is a rare opportunity to hear from the top influencers in Chicago’s woman empowerment space.

On September 15th, 2016, in the unique Warehouse 109 space, we will curate a team of thought leaders that will enable you to: 

  • Unlock your potential to get noticed

  • Master the tools that enable you to get noticed

  • Develop a custom execution plan for how to finally get noticed

Workshop Breakdown: